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Goodbye for now ECWA
Itís been 1 week, and Iíve had time to reflect on the end of an era. The end of the era of true talent in ECWA. I lost a loser leaves ECWA match to Azrieal last weekend in Woodbury Heights, NJ. Even though Iím no longer there, please continue to support ECWA.

I have to thank Jim Kettner for giving me a chance all the way back in 2006. After a few shows he even came up with a character and Robere Shields was born with Mr. Ooh LaLa as his mentor. We had some great matches like the 2 on 1 handicap match against the Human Tornado, there was a 6 way street fight we were part of, and a few other memorable matches. What Jim taught me was how to be a character and the importance of it.

I returned to the ECWA in 2011 to the 15th annual Super 8 tournament that had some huge names of today Zema Ion, Tommaso Ciampa, Rich Swann, Austin Aries, Sami Callihan, Adam Cole.

I was a new Bobby Shields when I returned to ECWA and proved it in matches over and over again such as the War-games cage match with ECWA vs the Blackhearts, against Aden Chambers, Chris Wylde, and most of all Matt Saigon. These matches led the way to becoming the ECWA Heavyweight Champion and being part of a lineage that has some of the best names in professional wrestling.

ECWA would move homes to Woodbury Heights, NJ from Newark, DE. The roster would change, the fans would change, but the things that stayed the same were the quality of matches and talent youíd see.

Even though I lost the match against Azrieal, I wouldnít have had it against anyone else. Of all the history and people Iíve faced, heís brought it the best out of me.

So thank you to Jim Kettner, Mr Ooh LaLa, Mike, Joe, the ring crew who doesnít get enough credit, the fans, every vet who has helped me and given me advice along the way, and every person Iíve faced thatís made me step up my game.

I might be gone from ECWA, but Iím not out of the game. You can still find me plenty of places. So make sure to come on out.

Quote of the Moment

"You can all be replaced for $5"

14 Years Today!
Happy Wrestleversary to me! Today, 14 years ago, in 2002, was the debut of Bobby Shields. 14 years is a long time but I don't feel like there's any slowing down in sight! I have so many people I owe it all to. I owe so much to Kevin Dunn and Marcos (the Ring Crew Express) for training me initially, among others that were there too. I owe Kato for taking a chance on a kid who he didn't know and gave me my first match in KCW and came up with the name Bobby Shields.

I was just a kid with a dream who wanted to wrestle and here I am, still a kid at heart, a little older and wiser, but one who has wrestled in a bunch of states, Canada, the UK, in an ROH ring, in a TNA ring, in a WWE ring, met heros, learned from great minds in the sport, and have become friends with people I watched on TV when I a teenager, and have done so much more than I could have ever imagined. Most importantly I've made friends all over the world and memories that are priceless. If I quit tomorrow, I'd be leaving wrestling satisfied and happy.

Prowrestling might be predetermined, but this journey could have never been booked this way.

Quote of the Moment

"A Body Built for Show and a Body Built to Go!"

Not wrestling....but living the gimmick
Officially now Bobby "THE BODY" Shields. This past weekend on Sunday June 19th, placing 2nd place in Men's Open Class A Bodybuilding and 2nd place in Men's Novice Class A Bodybuilding at the OCB Frederick Fitness Classic. Thank you to everyone who sent messages or tweets or comments of support. All of you are the driving force behind TRUE TALENT.

Quote of the Moment

"I'm like a real wrestler without the pay, fans, or rats."

Restocked on shirts
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Quote of the Moment

"Bump, Bump, Bump, Sell, Sell, Sell"

This thing is still alive?!!
Bobby Shields has been running from the law for the last year because he's been stealing shows left and right! Now you can support him by buying the new awesome Bobby Shields t-shirt and promo 8x10s online! Thank you to the awesome Twenty x 20 Apparel for the awesome design. And if you need shirts or any attire printed! Order it from OoShirts. Great prices, amazing printing, and fast shipping. Couldn't ask for a better company to work with! Seriously, hit them up. Tell them I sent you!

Quote of the Moment

"Kayfabe they still believe"

First show - Big Win
Beat a Russian in Kinston, NC on January 2nd for UWC! Boom! Good way to start off the new year.

Quote of the Moment

"You fat pig"

::::tap::::tap::::this thing still on?
So I kind of totally forgot about this thing. There was some wrestling that happened, some ladders, some titles lost, and some other things happened. My 2015 New Years Resolution. Redo this site and not forget about it.

Quote of the Moment

"I'm "True Talent" Bobby Shields and that's no BS!"

3 ways, 3 ways, 3 ways
More 3 ways! Never enough 3 ways! First was Firday night at Elite Wrestling in Bethlehem, PA - Bobby Shields VS Matt Macintosh VS Caveman Chad for the Collision Title! Caveman won pinning Bobby Shields after a flying headbutt.

Second at ECWA in Sewell, NJ it was Bobby Shields vs Dirty Money vs Ricky Martinez for the ECWA Heavyweight Title. Bobby Shields retained the title after a 450 splash on Dirty Money!

Quote of the Moment


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