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3 ways, 3 ways, 3 ways
More 3 ways! Never enough 3 ways! First was Firday night at Elite Wrestling in Bethlehem, PA - Bobby Shields VS Matt Macintosh VS Caveman Chad for the Collision Title! Caveman won pinning Bobby Shields after a flying headbutt.

Second at ECWA in Sewell, NJ it was Bobby Shields vs Dirty Money vs Ricky Martinez for the ECWA Heavyweight Title. Bobby Shields retained the title after a 450 splash on Dirty Money!

Quote of the Moment

"Kayfabe they still believe"

Updates and Double Shots
10/11 - FINALLY pinned Robbie E at ECWA so now I'm 1 for 3 for matches including Robbie E.

Then this weekend was a big tag team scramble match at IWC where Flex Appeal stood tall as the victors! December 13th, the tag title belts will look great around the waists of Flex Appeal at the gym.

Sunday, Bobby Shields FINALLY returned to Maryland Championship Wrestling in Penn Laird, Virginia! Unfortunately, not victorious against Luke Hawx but fought a good fight regardless!

Quote of the Moment

"no tu ne touche pas"

Fantasy Show
Beat one Sterling Williams last week at Fusion Wrestling to apparently lose to Preston Quinn this weekend at Fusion Wrestling unbeknownst to me!

Quote of the Moment

"I'm "True Talent" Bobby Shields and that's no BS!"

Lost to a BroMan
Once again Impact Wrestling's Robbie E was able to pin Bobby Shields. The current record against Robbie E is 0-2. This time it was at Keystone Championship Wrestling in Springfield, PA.

Quote of the Moment


August was slow, September is picking up
There wasn't much to report in August except at IWC Caged Fury the team of Bobby "The Body" Shields and "Old School Muscle" Nicki Valentino debuted finally together collectively known as Flex Appeal! In their debut they defeated the team of the Knightriders on August 23rd.

September 6th, ECWA returned to Newark, DE for the 47th Anniversary show. On that show Bobby Shields retained his title against Napalm Bomb after not one but two 450 splashes!

Quote of the Moment

"I'm like a real wrestler without the pay, fans, or rats."

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